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HellRaisers’ autumn adventures in Moscow

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My blog is dedicated to our trip to Moscow to Game Show League CS:GO LAN finals, which are held on 3-5 of October in Igromyr exhibition.
The first day was a bit random, but still resultative. Alarm clock interrupted my beauty sleep at 8:00, dragging me out of my comfortable bed. It was cloudy and cold outside the Moscow hotel. Today we start our performance at Game Show League CS:GO LAN Finals. THe first match against well-known myXMG from Dennmark. Despite HellRaisers were favourites, we weren't about to underestimate our opponents. Danish team was pretty good during the online-part, taking the first place in their group. 
After a slight breakfast and a shower we went down to hall and waited for some transport to Crocus Expo, where Game Show League is held. Despite having a lot of time, Moscow traffic jams messed our chedule a little bit. However, we came in time to settle and and warm up. 
A long time before even opening, a lot of people gathered in front of Igromyr's doors. They were waiting for the upcoming emotions. 
It seemed lke HellRaisers were still sleepy during the first map. However, loosing woke them up quickly enough. With sore rough fight, we defeated Danish 2-1 and moved to winners final, where we will play against the winner of Na'Vi vs Virtus.Pro. After the match we spoke to our fans. Took some photos, gave presents and autographs to everybody who wanted. Thank you for your support and warm welcoming! Seeing as there were more and more people at Crocus Expo, we went to Moscow CyberStadium to watch the second winners semi final in quite atmosphere. Soon we will back to hotel where we will rest and prepare for a next day. See you tomorrow at 12:00 СЕТ at Crocus Expo on Igromyr!
In the evening we were back to the hotel, where we had some rest and got ready for a new day. Yegor "markeloff" Markelov's new V-LOG appeared on our site, hellraisers.pro, he told there about the first match and their little adventures during the flight to Moscow. 
The second day, championship was coming along great. We had a plenty of time to sleep as match against Na'Vi was planned at 12:00 СЕТ. We didn't stay in hotel for too long, at 10:00 СЕТ we had already arrived at the place in order to prepare a bit. By the time we got there, lower bracket semifinal (myXMG vs Virtus.Pro) winner had been determined. Polaks defeated their opponents 2-1 and moved on, Danish left the tournament with the fourth place. 
Young guard in Crocus Expo welcomed us and wished us luck, he had HellRaisers sticker on his chest.
Everything was just as planned. We took out our devices, set the computers, got heated on DM, picked maps. However, match was finished in two maps. We lost to Na'Vi 2-0. It was a result of bad teamplay and lack of strategies, as Kirill 'ANGE1' Karasiow, our team's captain, pointed in his V-LOG. Guys were uoset, but weren't down. Sunday was a day for us to defeat Virtus.Pro and had a revenge on Na'Vi.
We decided to spend Saturday's night just walking around Moscow. We visited Red Square and saw some autumn streets. We had plaenty of time to discuss different tactics, strategies and gaming situations in CS:GO in the hall of our hotel with Na'Vi players. After that we went to sleep. 
Sunday. The final day. There is no place to retreat. Each losing can kick us away from the tournament. Match against Virtus.Pro is up ahead. Early getting up and fog outside made us a bit sleepy, but we fought it all the ways we could. It was crowdy on the last day of the Igromir 2014 exhibition. Teams took their positions. Lower bracket final started with the intense fight on de_mirage, where we managed to win the overtimes 22:19 and take the leadership. However, our game on the second map wasn't really confident, so Polaks made the score even on de_inferno. Everything was decided on de_overpass. Virtus.prо did their best tring to stop us from going to Grand Finals, but they didn't succeeded. We won 2-1. It was our very first official victory on de_overpass. 
Grand Final Hellraisers vs Na’Vi started a bit later than it was scheduled. That led to the situation in which we played with empty hall after the first map, because the exhibition closed at 18:00 MSK. Quiet calmed our team, players now could hear each other clearly. After the loss on de_mirage 16:1, guys managed to gather up and win two maps in the row (de_cache, de_dust2) in 16:6. As Na’Vi came out of winners bracket, they had 1 point advantage and we had to win three maps. The champion of Game Show League CS:GO wes determined on de_overpass. It was the fight until the last rounds., however, despite our guys extremely wanted to win, Na'Vi managed to turn the game over and catch the win. They became champions and we, unfourtunately, placed second. 
During the whole championship guys from HellRaisers were fighting till the last hp. Despite the problems appeared, we tried to win every possible round, even if it seemed impossible. We scoped through our mistakes and we will be working on fixing them. We would like to thank everybody who visited the event and who was cheering for us in front of their computers! Your support means a lot to us! See you later! 🙂