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Coverage: IEM Masters XIII — Shanghai 2018

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Shanghai will host a big esports event from August 1-6. During the first stage of IEM Masters XIII, eight teams will be divided into two groups. The group stage will feature a double-elimination (GSL) system with best-of-one opening matches, and the rest being best-of-three showdowns.

The top two from each quartet will advance to the playoff where they'll compete in a single-elimination best-of-three format.


Prize pool:

  • 1st place — $125,000
  • 2nd place — $50,000
  • 3rd-4th place $22,000
  • 5th-6th place $10,000
  • 7th-8th place $5,500

Match Schedule (CEST) & Results:

 HellRaisers [0:2]  Virtus.pro @bo3 (11:16 @Mirage, 9:16 @Train)
 HellRaisers [1:2]  NRG eSports @bo3 (16:9 @Mirage, 10:16 @Overpass, 11:16 @Train)
 HellRaisers [16:12]  Virtus.pro @Cache

Group Stage






 HellRaisers  Gambit Esports  Virtus.pro  NRG eSports


















 TyLoo  5Power  B.O.O.T-d [S]  Grayhound