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Funny & Epic Mistakes of CS:GO Pros

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4.  cajunb vs  Cloud9
Tournament: DH Open Series

cajunb knew his opponent was hiding in the smoke and defusing the bomb. There wasn’t much time left to stop him, and the Dane decided to take a risk.

3.  summit1g vs  CLG
Tournament DreamHack Austin 2016

It was the first map of the final matchup of the DreamHack Austin 2016 group stage, Splyce were leading,15:11. summit1g confidently took a clutch round, and it seemed as though there was no way the round could be lost with no enemies left and plenty of time to defuse the bomb. Or could it?

2.  CLG vs  Red Reserve
TournamentDreamHack Valencia 2017

The score was 15:12, and on map point, the American team obliterated their opponents and started celebrating reaching the playoff; two players of Red Reserve even left the game. Everyone thought it was over, but the bomb had other plans for that. The match went on, and the Swedish team managed to come back and then win 28:24!

1.  ScreaM vs  SZPERO
Tournament: ESL Pro League

There was no way the Belgian headshot machine could lose the round, since it was so easy to hit the defenseless SZPERO. The Pole simply ignored his opponent and started defusing the bomb. ScreaM surely didn’t expect such arrogance.

 dupreeh vs  G2
TournamentPGL Major Krakow 2017

Well, you’ve seen enough fails, so at the end of this article, we suggest you enjoy a happy ending.

Sometimes it happens that a team is just a second away from either defeat or victory. Just look at dupreeh‘s emotions! The Danish player was so close to getting himself onto our list of fails (which he definitely wouldn’t want to happen). Luck was on his side this time, though!