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Top Five Smartest Plays by CS:GO Pros

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5. electronic vs FaZe Clan
TournamentESL Pro League Season 7: Finals

electronic approached his opponent like a ninja. Situations like these appear pretty often, but they’re always spectacular. Despite some missed shots, Natus Vincere’s most recent addition put his opponent down for the count and won an important round for his team.

4. Snax vs Ninjas in Pyjamas
TournamentEMS One Katowice 2014

Snax doesn’t play for Virtus.pro anymore, and a lot of people still find it hard to believe, so we decided to look back to 2014, at the beginning of Janusz‘s road to becoming a global superstar in CS:GO. The brilliantly executed moves of the Pole didn’t leave the Swedes any chance in the round.

3. LEGIJA vs Immortals
Tournament: PGL Major Krakow 2017

Nikola Ninic is now the coach of BIG, but the experienced Serbian player had quite a few spectacular rounds back when he played on the main roster. The highlight below is from a 1v1 situation in which a perfect execute from LEGIJA let him defuse the bomb, while also hiding him from the opponent’s fire.

2. woxic vs Gambit Gaming
TournamentESL One Cologne 2018 Europe Closed Qualifier

Having found himself in a tough 1v2 situation, the Turkish player made a 200 IQ move, tricking one of his opponents by fake reloading. The players of Gambit pushed to what they thought was a defenseless player. They were wrong, and immediately deleted.

1. s1mple vs Team Liquid
TournamentESL One Cologne 2016

Oleksandr Kostyliev is, currently,  almost a shoe-in for the MVP title in every tournament, but even back in 2016 he was doing extraordinary things. Fans of professional CS might remember the next highlight in which s1mple decided to take a risk and surprise his opponent.