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Fantastic Five: StarSeries i-League Season 5 Highlights

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5.  f0rest vs  North

The legendary Swedish player hasn’t lost his touch. His moves are still silky smooth, and his opponents know when they are playing against f0rest as even a little loss of concentration is lethal.

4.  s1mple vs  mousesports

Natus Vincere came out on top at the Kyiv LAN finals by making great team and individual plays. But, we want to highlight the incredible performance of s1mple. Luck was surely on his side this time. Aleksandr's emotions are priceless.

3.  xccurate vs  Natus Vincere

The result of this matchup was unexpected. The eventual champions were beaten by TyLoo, whose players were confident and fearless. Check out how xccurate's shooting closed out that battle.

2.  oskar vs  Natus Vincere

oskar was the last hope for his team in that round. The Czech sniper was confident in his skills, and his AWP took down his enemies one by one, which gave the round to mousesports.

1.  coldzera vs  Natus Vincere

The Brazilian player is so good that his opponents can’t relax even in a 1v3 situation. The two most lethal Natus Vincere fragggers, s1mple and electronic, weren't even able to deal with coldzera.