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Fantastic five: The best ninja defuses of pro players

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5.  oskar vs  Natus Vincere
Event: ESL Pro League Season 5: Finals

It was Cobblestone overtime when  oskar and  seized found themselves in a 1х1 situation. The Czech sniper knew the perfect timings. It seemed as though his opponent didn't even understand if the bomb was being defused. 10 seconds of intense waiting, and the round was taken by  mousesports.

4.  SZPERO vs  EnVyUs
Event: ESL Pro League Season 5

Having found himself in a 1×3 situation with a pistol, the Pole decided to risk: he just started defusing the bomb.  ScreaM was apparently shocked by such arrogance and got confused. Thus, a third of a second put the French out of business.

3.  woxic vs  Fnatic
Event: IEM Katowice 2018 Closed Quals

Our  woxic was to go up against two enemies and a ticking bomb in one of the decisive rounds on Overpass. The situation was hard because of the position, though our young player didn't give up and proved that the simple solutions are often the most correct.

2.  GuardiaN vs  Cloud 9
Event: ESL One Cologne 2017

It was the second map of a semi-final match between  Natus Vincere and  Cloud 9. The Americans had won the first map and got a game point. The bomb was planted, and  Na'Vi had basically no chances to win the round. However,  GuardiaN wasn't going to give up. Yes,  Natus Vincere lost the next round and didn't qualify for the grand final, though the Slovak did show an impressive play.

1.  karrigan vs  SK Gaming
EventIEM Sydney 2017

In this round, the in-game leader of  FaZe was left alone against three enemies. The Dane didn't have a smoke, and the bomb's ticking was increasing.  karrigan started defusing, though the Brazilians neutralized the threat before the bomb exploded… Didn't they?


By the way, we made the first episode of the series about ninja defuses exactly a year ago. You can find it here.

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