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Coverage: GG:Origin

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Our players have received a direct invitation to the final stage of GG:OriginThe playoff matches will run from 2-9 April. The system is single-elimination with a match for third place. A format is bo3. A winner will get the only ticket to Sydney.

Prize fund:

1 place — spot in IEM Sydney 2018 ( Space Soldiers)
2 place 5000 $ ( Heroic)
3 place 3500 $ ( HellRaisers)
4 place 1500 $ ( Virtus.pro)


 HellRaisers [2:1] Virtus.pro @bo3
 HellRaisers [0:2] 
 Heroic @bo3
 HellRaisers [2:0] 
 AGO Esports @bo3

Tournament bracket:

 2:1   Virtus.pro        
     0:2   Space Soldiers    
 1:2   Space Soldiers    
  Space Soldiers        
         2:0   Space Soldiers
 2:0   HellRaisers      
  AGO Esports      
     0:2   Heroic  
 2:0   Heroic      
  Windigo Gaming          



 HellRaisers  Virtus.pro  AVANGAR  Space Soldiers



















 Gambit   Heroic  Windigo Gaming  AGO Esports















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