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Back to 2012. How professional players used to look

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In 2012, a new version of the legendary game came out, the world got to play CS:GO. Hardly anyone liked the game. Many continued playing CS 1.6, not believing in the new version's future, though there started appearing the first CS:GO events, and players understood that the era of 1.6 was coming to an end. This is how a new stage of esports CS started, and it's reflected in the photos below.    

 GeT_RiGhT &  friberg at a press conference

Roster of  Ninjas In Pyjamas


 markeloff's photo shoot for  Natus Vincere

 markeloff is armed and very dangerous!


 Dosia playing for  Moscow Five

 ANGE1 in team  DTS Gaming

 xaoc playing for  Virtus.pro at GameGune 2012

 pashaBiceps,  NEO &  TaZ in the "golden five" roster

 karrigan in colors of  Fnatic

 KennyS playing for  VeryGames

 kioShiMa in his 17

 Hiko had already proven to be a LAN fighter


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