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Fantastic Five: The funniest fails of CS:GO pro players

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5.  SolEk vs  Epsilon
Tournament: StarSeries

 SolEk is still in the business, though his perfromance against  Epsilon back in 2014 still haunts fans of professional CS:GO. Well, when it's not working out, it's impossible to fix the situation. Our hero tried at least…

4.  TSM vs  KRiMZ
Tournament: ELEAGUE Season 1 (2016)

It looked like  KRiMZ had become invisivle to  TSM at the time. A terrorist passed by, our hero greeted him but cold-bloodedly left the enemy alive and kept moving. What do you need smoke for if enemies don't see or hear you?

3.  KKona vs  CLG
Tournament: CEVO Season 9 Pro League 2016

At first you might think that the main hero is  tarik from  CLG, who's shown an unbelievable spray skills. Nope, he isn't. America has many talents, and sometimes they're showing something really strange.

2.  Zeus vs  CLG
Tournament: DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015

Having strats is always nice. However, sometimes you need to take a risk and improvise.  Zeus believed he could beat the fire with his confidence, though the cunning molotov was too hot.

1.  summit1g vs  CLG
Tournament DreamHack Austin 2016

It was DreamHack Austin 2016. The group stage was tough for  Splyce, though the win in a match against  CLG let the team continue fighting for the playoff. You'd think it's impossible to lose a round when there are no enemies alive and there's enough time to defuse the bomb. This guy did it, though.

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