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The most useful CS:GO binds

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What are binds?

A bind is a command or a list of commands, assigning an action to a few buttons of a keyboard or a mouse. Some leagues don't allow binds, but in the match making and in regular games on third-party platforms, they're allowed.

In order to use binds, you need to assign them to some buttons. It's done with the command bind in the console or config. We've shown you examples of binds in "Useful tricks" before. A bind's general view is bind <клавиша> "действие".

5 most useful binds

Binds for grenades:

Instead of scrolling all the grenades, you can choose directly the right one by assigning each grenade for a specific button.


  • bind h "use weapon_incgrenade; use weapon_molotov" — pulling out molotov or incendiary grenade by pressing h
  • bind j "use weapon_smokegrenade" — pulling out a smoke by pressing j
  • bind u "use weapon_flashbang" — pulling out a flashbang by pressing u
  • bind n "use weapon_hegrenade" — pulling out a HE grenade by pressing n
  • bind z "use weapon_decoy" — pulling out a decoy by pressing z

Buy binds:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive already has a bind for auto buy. However, if you need to buy a specific grenade or weapon, you can make your own bind.


  • bind f5 “buy hegrenade; buy flashbang; buy smokegrenade; buy molotov; buy incgrenade” — buying a full set of grenades by pressing F5.

You can buy one item at a time or a full set at once. You need to separate items with ";", if you want to get a few items at once.

Voice chat binds:

In some situations, clutches for example, tips of teammates only get in the way, and there's no time to mute everyone. For such cases, you can use a bind that turns off and on voice chat.


  • bind i "voice_enable 0; say_team Voice Disabled, I can't hear anyone now" — turning off voice chat and warning teammates by pressing i
  • bind o "voice_enable 1; say_team Voice Enabled, I can hear you now" — turning on voice chat and warning teammates by pressing o

Bomb dropping bind:

Another bind that might save time in critical situations. An instant bomb drop that allows giving away the bomb faster.


  • bind 6 "use weapon_knife; use weapon_c4; drop" — drops the bomb by pressing 6. If there's no bomb, nothing will be dropped because of switching to the knife"

Hand switching binds:

In some positions, the texture of hands, holding a weapon, can get in the way. You can fix that by making the following bind.


  • bind q "cl_righthand 0" — using left hald by pressing q
  • bind e "cl_righthand 1" — using right hald by pressing e

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