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Fantastic five: Unbelievable CS:GO clutches

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1.   dupreeh vs  SK Gaming

TournamentBlast Pro Series 2017

This Danish player did something truly legendary. A one versus three situation, enemies are throwing a smoke, but  dupreeh knows exactly where the bomb is and doesn't stop shooting. Did he make it? Look for yourself how cool this Dane is.

2.  woxic vs  Fnatic

Tournament: IEM Katowice 2018 Closed Quals

In one of the decisive rounds on Overpass, our  woxic was left alone against two enemies and a ticking bomb. The situation was tough, but our young player didn't lose his courage and proved that even simple decisions sometimes are the right ones.

3.  NiKo vs  mousesports

TournamentELEAGUE Major Boston 2018

Bosnian star  NiKo was shinning at the previous major tournament. In a very intense fight against team  mousesports, Nikola Kovač found himself in a hopeless situation. The good news was that the teammates had planted the bomb, the bad one was that  NiKo was alone against two players, and there was a molotov burning beneath him, and the score was 14:15, not in favor of  FaZe Clan. How could one win that? Well, looks like Nikola was the only one who knew how.

4.  coldzera vs  mousesports

Tournament: DreamHack Open Summer 2017

We all know that  coldzera can show a legendary play on Mirage. The named-after-him graffiti is a reminder of that. You can't relax even in a 1 vs 4 situation, while playing against this Brazilian player. The enemy couldn't do anything against  coldzera: he had an AK-47 and will to destroy everything on his way towards victory.

5.  GuardiaN vs  SK Gaming
Tournament: ESL Pro League Season 6: Finals

This round went down in history of professional CS:GO.  SK Gaming were one step away from winning the tournament. A two versus one situation seemed like a winning point for the Brazilians, but  GuardiaN had different plans for that matter. The magazine got emply,  FalleN desperately started defusing the bomb, and the Slovak had only one chance left: to win or to lose.

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