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Fantastic five: The smartest moves of pro players

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5. Players of  North vs  OpTic

TournamentESL One Cologne 2017

Danes from  North showed the American team what an art preparation is like. Three grenades against one isn't the most fair situation, though it surely is reliable.

4.  pashaBiceps

Jarosław Jarząbkowski has been giving reasons for his fans to be proud of his idol for many years. When he saw an easy frag, the Pole didn't rush and decided to scout the area. More and more pro players started to use this successful decision and that brought us lots of highlights.

3.  Snax
Tournament: IEM Katowice 2016

Janusz Pogorzelski is one of the most remarkable players in the world. Hundreds of the played rounds have made  Snax a real star, but he's also got highlights that went down in history of professional CS:GO. Luck or pragmatic calculation? Everyone was talking about this round, analysts were discussing every second of it, anyway the fact remains, Janusz won the round, which was impossible to win.

2.   Dosia

TournamentPGL Major Krakow 2017, grand final

Dosia is a person who became a legend a long time ago. In the final of PGL Major Krakow 2017, during one of the rounds on Inferno, he knew it was impossible to win such a round, but thanks to his experience, he assumed that the remaining players of the enemy would be in that very spot and threw there a nade.

The enemies would've survived the bomb's explosion if it hadn't been for that throw, but the nade by Mikhail Stolyarov gave the Brazilians no chance to save their devices.

1.  s1mple
TournamentESL One Cologne 2016

Oleksandr Kostyliev is young and emotional. He knows how to be a step ahead and often doesn't leave a chance to his opponents.  s1mple likes aesthetic and doesn't miss a chance to get a spectacular kill. And he makes it! A highlight shown below is legendary. A true beauty of professional CS reveals in such moves!

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