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Fantastic five: The most spectacular CS:GO wallbangs

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1.   Skadoodle vs  flusha
TournamentDreamhack Valencia 2015

 flusha was about to destroy  Cloud 9 when cunning  Skadoodle decided to neutralize his opponent through a wall and showed the Swede that he wasn't the only one with fantastic blind shooting skills.

2.  bodyy vs  Astralis
Tournament: ESL Pro League

This moment is legendary.  bodyy shocked the viewers, enemies and commentators. This wallbang is named after this player, and almost every professional player tried to repeat it.

3.  n0thing vs  Fnatic 
TournamentDreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015 

 n0thing had mastered his spraying skills. The American player happened to be in the right place at the right time and didn't leave a chance to two players of  Fnatic. It's worth noting that despite such an unexpected beginning,  Fnatic did manage to recover and win the round.

4.  Nifty vs  TyLoo
Tournament: PGL Major Asia Quals

You can't imagine qualifiers for major tournaments without tough battles between  Renegades and  TyLoo. During another meeting of the teams,  Nifty showed an unbelievably good round and shooting, which every enemy would be afraid of. The  TyLoo players were surely not ready for such a course of actions.

5.  HEN1 vs  Misfits
TournamentStarladder i-league Season 3

The reaction time of  HEN1 is terrifying sometimes. Is he even a human? A player of  Misfits wasn't lucky: he threw a grenade and immediately got a bullet through a wall. GGWP. 

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