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The 3 best surf maps in CS:GO

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Players started surfing in CS a long time ago. The shooter's fans have always enjoyed taking a break from classic maps and playing something new. The game's version has changed, but we haven't stopped surfing. Below is a video with some surf mode gameplay.

So, we've decided to share the three most popular surf maps in Steam Workshop.

1. Surf Master

The map has more than 2800 recommendations and about half a million subscribers. It'll be perfect for a new player and will be an excellent starting point towards being a master of surfing.
How to surf:
  1. open console (press ~ underneath ESC)
  2. type sv_cheats 1
  3. type sv_airaccelerate # (default is 12, but I put it on 1000 or 1200
  4. type sv_gravity # (default 800, but I set 500 or 400)
  5. when you start surfing, hold the A key while on the right side of the wave (vice versa for left side, pressing D) and DO NOT PRESS THE W KEY. always keep your crosshair slightly pointed downwards.

The map's gameplay


2. Surf_Ski_2_GO

The map was created in 2013 and currently has 213,000 active subscribers. Surf_Ski_2_GO is something fans of ramps will appreciate. It has everything: hinges, slopes, unreal angles, big height and a feeling of excitement!

The map's gameplay

3. Surf Greatriver 2015

There are more than 119,000 subscribers, playing this map, the story of which started back in CS 1.6. CS:GO has its updated version. The developers have made a stylish and interesting map with a big number of additional opportunities. The big map has enough place for everything including a big arsenal, minigames and secret places. 

The map's gameplay

It's easy to start surfing: click the picture of a map you like, subscribe to it on Steam, and it'll be available for you in the game!

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