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Shooting range: How to setup CS:GO. Episode #2

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Setting CS:GO isn't as simple as it might seem. Despite the fact that the game has only a dozen settings, it's difficult to find the right one and figure everything out. Besides, you can setup CS:GO even without entering the game!

We should start the setup with launch options. One of the most popular commands is -tickrate 128. It defines what tickrate the game will work with by default. Obviously, official Valve servers have 64 tickrate and this command won't change that, though it'll allow starting your own server with the tickrate of 128. We test all the Useful Tricks on 128 tickrate servers, since it's the settings our team plays with.

A few useful launch options:

  • novid — removes Valve intro;
  • high — sets high priority for the game;
  • threads value — sets a number of cores/threads;
  • nod3d9ex — makes alt+tab faster;
  • nojoy — disables gamepad support;
  • +cl_forcepreload 1 — preloads maps.

Removing the intro or gamepad support won't affect the game process, but the rest of the commands might directly change a number of frames per second (FPS), so use them if you want your game to work faster.

Video options are limited with ten settings in the game. Let's take a look at each of them in order:

  • Shadow Quality — the second resource demanding option. It affects the distance that you see the shadows from.
  • Texture Detail — sets the size of the textures. This option depends on your graphic card's memory, but in most cases it should be enough and you can go for the maximum value.
  • Effect Detail — sets the quality of in-game effects like smoke, fire from burning cars and so on. The effects look better with the maximum value and can be seen from a further distance.
  • Shader Quality — besides the obvious meaning, the command affect a number of objects on the new maps. You can lower the value with almost no loss for the picture quality.
  • Multicore Rendering — enables rendering for several cores, which allows using all threads of your CPU.
  • Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode — the next three settings affect anti-aliasing. These options are the most resource demanding, so lower them if you need to get more FPS.
  • Wait for Vertical Sync — limits frames per second to your minotor's refresh rate.
  • Motion Blur — enables motion blur. You should always turn it off, since it affects perception of the game.

That's it, by knowing all the settings, you can easily setup CS:GO and get as much FPS as your rig can.

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