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Fantastic five: The most unpredictable rounds of professional CS:GO

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1.  Astralis vs  Fnatic

Tournament: ELEAGUE major 2017

The first map at the semi-final of ELEAGUE Major 2017, within which Astralis went off against Fnatic, was truly spectacular. We saw a series of additional rounds, each of which was a true thriller with fans frozen in anticipation, and every second making everything as intense as it can be. How did it end?

2.  KRiMZ vs  TSM

Tournament: ELEAGUE Season 1 (2016)

 KRiMZ seemed invisible to the players of  TSM here. The terrorist passed by, our player greeted him, but cold-bloodedly left the enemy alive and went further. What do you need smoke for, if you aren't seen or heard?

3.  FalleN vs  Natus Vincere

TournamentIEM Katowice 2016

It was March of 2016, and  Luminosity Gaming weren't the champions of the major tournament yet, but even then the team had already shown a true performance at IEM Katowice 2016. It was a semi-final match, the first map, a 12:13 score, and the importance of that round can hardly be overestimated.

 Natus Vincere confidently killed four friends of  FalleN and the Brazilian was left alone. He got an AWP, though. This is important. This is very imporant. Having come to the plant, he planted the bomb at the last second. The Polish audience froze, and so did everyone, watching the match on monitors. After that… You need to see this for yourself.

4.  GuardiaN vs  SK Gaming

Tournament: ESL Pro League Season 6: Finals

This round went down in history of esports CS:GO.  SK Gaming was one step away from winning the tournament. The two against one situation seemed a victory point for the Brazilians, but  GuardiaN had other plans on this score. The magazine got empty,  FalleN started desperately defusing the bomb, and the Slovak had only one chance: to win or lose.

5.  summit1g vs  CLG

TournamentDreamHack Austin 2016

It was DreamHack Austin 2016. The group stage didn't go the best way for team  Splyce, though a victory in a match against  CLG let the squad continue fighting for the playoff.  Splyce got a match-point at a 15:11 score on the 1st map, and  summit1g won an unbelievable clutch. You'd think how can one lose a round when there are no enemies left and there's enough time to defuse the bomb. Check it out.

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