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Fantastic five: Masters of the Knife

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Before talking about our five, we'll show you probably the most epic knife kill in history. Juggling with pistols, bluffing with a bomb and a run that ended it all unexpectedly. It's worth seeing.


5.  seized 49 knife kills

2017 was tough for Denis Kostin. He's shown lots of excellent highlights during his CS:GO career, and now has all doors open to him. As a true professional, he doesn't mind having fun, too. Ambushing an enemy and showing the advantage of killing with a knife? That's easy for  seized!

 seized's highlights:

4.  pashaBiceps  50 knife kills

Jarosław Jarząbkowski knows how to please his fans. A legendary player often takes down his opponents with a knife. Yes, sometimes such attempts ends in a failure, but the Polish legend doesn't get upset and continues his esports path with a real army of fans from all over the world!

 pashaBiceps's highlights:

3.  s1mple  67 knife kills

Oleksandr Kostyliev is young and emotional.  s1mple knows how to be a step ahead and often leaves the enemies no chances. s1mple likes aesthetic and doesn't miss a chance to use a knife and get a beatiful kill. We approve that and look forward to new highlights!

 s1mple's highlights:


2.  JW  83 knife kills

Jesper Wecksell can surprise both the enemies and fans. His actions are sometimes impossible to predict. Of course, such a play annoys the rival and doesn't allow taking a break even for a second. Have you dropped guard?  JW will strike!

 JW's highlights:

1.  Snax  91 knife kills

Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski joined  Virtus.pro back ​in 2014. His youth (Janusz is only 24 years old), incredible talent, charisma and bold playstyle made  Snax a real star. Janusz keeps the status with constant highlights.  Snax knows what viewers want and pulls out a knife more often than any other opponent!

 Snax's highlights:

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