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Fantastic five: The best highlights from ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals

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5.  Chelo vs  Astralis

Group stage

We couldn't pass by this one. Having entered the big esports this year, 19 year old Mercelo have just recently showed an excellent game at the finals of ESL Pro League Season 6. Getting such a powerful ace against the Danes from  Astralis is cause for celebration for the young Brazilian!

4.  draken vs  OpTic
Group stage

The Swedish sniper gave no chances to  OpTic draken's confident shooting with the AWP was key to the success of  Ninjas in Pyjamas in this toughest meeting.

3.  Rain vs  SK Gaming
Grand final

It was the fourth map of the grand final. Train was really intense then! A tough fight for the championship and the players being as focused as even possible brought us a spectacular show.  Rain showed his spray skills and helped his team bridge the gap.

2.  ANGE1 vs  FaZe
Group stage

 ANGE1 consistently pleases his fans with excellent highlights. This time Kirill showed his AWP skills. The in-game leader's ace against the star roster of  FaZe will be remembered by any fan of  HellRaisers, and not only by them!

1.  GuardiaN vs  SK Gaming
Grand final

This round made it into history of esports CS:GO.  SK Gaming being one step away from winning the tournament; a 2 vs 1 situation looking a winning point of the Brazilian, but  GuardiaN had other plans. The magazine got empty,   FalleN desperetly started defusing the bomb, and the Slovak got only one chance: to win or to lose. He didn't fail.

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