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Trends of the Week: Pudgemania is over. Episode #5

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After a rapid boost of popularity, Pudge has now lost 4%, while the top heroes' winrate hasn't changed much and only a couple heroes are running a fever.

The most important trend of the week has been a complete lack of trends. As a result, the top of successful heroes is as stable as ever. It's worth noting a shaky popularity of some heroes, too, since this is directly affecting the pub meta from professional matches. The very Underlord and Winter Wyvern are proof of that.

The meta's core is formed

Over the last two weeks, the meta has been almost completely formed. Only some heroes are moving up and down in the chart. Over the last week, only three heroes have shown dynamics of changes equaling over 2% of winrate, while the rest have taken their spots. It's especially visible with the top 10 heroes where only two heroes have their success rate changed by 1%.


Bear problems

Lone Druid hasn't been a star of the meta for a long time, but it's been doing particularly badly recently: it is the worst hero by the winrate and loses to Io, the top 2 of the worst, by almost a percentage. It's high time the developers paid attention to the bear and gave him some love. Fan fact: even with such bad figures, its popularity is growing.

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