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Trends of the Week: Anti-Mage is stable, Pudge is popular. Episode 4

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The past week has been interesting because of one thing, Pudge has become 9% more popular and his pick rate is now 47,5%. Hooks are flying in every second game and that's it.

Of course that's not all the interesting things, having happened this week. Since the third episode of "Trends of the Week", Broodmother's winrate has improved by 8%. Considering the decrease of its pick rate by almost four times, it's easy to make a conclusion that the hero is played only by those who know how to play it. Taking into account the recent nerfs the hero has got, such a growth underlines how important it is to understand the hero.

Speaking of the winrate growth, we can't ignore the fact that only two heroes out of the 10 most progressive ones have gained more popularity. All the rest have started to get picked less often. The decrease of popularity of most heroes is even bigger. Thus, IoLycanPhoenixBane now appear three times less often than they used to.

The meta's core is formed

If we don't take into account Phoenix, then over the last week, the heroes with a winrate of 49% to 51% have become pretty consistent. Some shifts of around 0,5% can be explained by errors while collecting the data. It's noteworthy that this range consists of about 30 heroes, which indicates variability of gaming approaches in 7.07.

Pudge really is popular

Over the history of Dota 2, Pudge holds the record for the biggest number of games the hero was picked in. It was chosen in every third game! However, Pudge has decided to not stop with what's been achieved and gained 8% more popularity in the past week and now has reached a sky-high number of 47,5% of games it is picked in.

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