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The 3 most underestimated weapons

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive offers more than 30 guns. The arsenal has everything starting from a knife to automatic and sniper rifles. Each weapon is unique, it has its own price, damage, spray pattern and even the movement speed is different with each weapon.


Popular weapons in the European division of ESL Pro League S6

Not many types of weapons are used In competitive CS:GO. In most matches, players prefer the AK and M4A4, sniper rifle AWP, SMG UMP 45 and standard pistols such as the USP-S, P2000 and Glock.

Besides the listed above guns, there are also pistols, which, in comperison with the previous versions of the game, are considerably stronger in CS:GO. Thus, the P250 and CZ75 are often seen in forced-buy rounds.


Despite pistols' boost, some devices in this category are far from being popular. The reasons are clear when it comes to the R8 or TEC-9: they simply lose to their competitors such as the Desert Eagle and CZ75-a since the former aren't efficient enough. The Double Berettas are taking a special place. Even though the device has recently become cheaper by 100 USD, players still prefer not to use it, even in pub games.

 Coach of team HellRaisers.CS:GO, Ivan  "Johnta"  Shevtsov on Dual Berettas:

«Dual Berettas is rapid firing, accuracy and a lot of ammo. This device can help take positions where you need to stop an attack and especially a rush».

The reason for that is the specific nature of the pistols themselves: for 400 USD players get a rapid-firing gun with the biggest magazine amongst all the pistols. However, the Berettas themselves are comparatively efficient only when it comes to dealing with enemies with no armor.


The АК runs the show in buy rounds. The powerful and loud AK can kill an enemy with a headshot at any distance, that's why it's preferred more than any other rifle. A cheaper version for the terrorists is the Galil. However, it doesn't have the main advantage of the AK such as its killing ability, and in exchange it has only a slightly higher firerate, slightly better recoil control and is 700 dollars cheaper.


A similar situation is with the FAMAS and M4A4 or M4A1-S. A player can save a decent amount by getting the FAMAS. Thus, he gets a weapon that is slightly easier to control but has less damage. In case with the Galil and AK, the problem of the former is in non-lethal damage with headshots. In case of the FAMAS, it's less damage, mobility and slower reloading speed with a smaller magazine.


 Coach of team HellRaisers.CS:GO,  Ivan  "Johnta"  Shevtsov on FAMAS & Galil:

«Both guns are cool. I think that professional players are lazy to practice them. I'd prefer buying them + grenades in many situations than just an AK + armor».

All the disadvantages can be compensated with the price that allows buying a rifle and nades. However, most pro's prefer using the usual and more expensive devices.

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