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The richest and most successful esports games in the world

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After e-Sports Earnings.com and analytical website sullygnome.com's analysis, we're presenting you such interesting statistics. Who is the richest in esports? What do we watch on Twitch.tv the most? That's what we're going to talk about!

What is watched?

Below are summary statistics based on the numbers of Twitch.tv 2017, collected by sullygnome.com:

As we can see, LoL's unconditional leadership couldn't resist only the pick viewers numbers where CS:GO is the first one.

Esports achieved the following figures in 2017:

  • Total prize pool: $103,861,134
  • Number of tournamnets: 3,445
  • Active pro players: 14,996
  • Average prize fund: $30,148
  • Average prize money earned: $6,925
 Game Total prize pool  Prize money earned by  Number of tournaments
Dota 2 $37,107,151 826 players  137 tournaments
CS:GO $16,790,643 4234 players  790 tournaments
LoL $11,432,097 1417 players  107 tournaments

Who wins the most

According to the statistics provided below, the Dota 2 players have earned the biggest amount of prize money. The first 36 places of the rating are taking by them. The closest representative of LoL, the legendary  Faker, is only on the 37th place, while the well-known Brazilian  FalleN is  taking the 68th place, which is the highest one for CS:GO players.

#  Player  Won in total   Discipline
1.        Germany KuroKy $3,480,788 Dota 2
2.        Jordan Miracle $3,061,076 Dota 2
3.        United States UNiVeRsE $2,935,860 Dota 2
4.        Bulgaria MinD_ContRoL $2,821,271 Dota 2
5.        Finland Matumbaman $2,800,976 Dota 2
6.        Pakistan SumaiL $2,637,695 Dota 2
7.        United States ppd $2,631,720 Dota 2
8.        Lebanon GH $2,440,253 Dota 2
9.        United States Fear $2,418,055 Dota 2
37.         Faker  $1,161,829 LoL
66.         FalleN $719,639 CS:GO

About tournaments

Tournaments with the biggest prize funds are listed below. The first 6 places are taken by events, the prize fund formation of which was helped by the fans. Thanks to the fans' support, such huge numbers were achieved.

CS:GO is surely falling behind currently. It seems that organizers of large-scale events in this discipline should think more seriously about creating an opportunity to increase the prize fund with the fans' help.

 #   Tournament  Prize fund   Discipline   Team  Players
1 The International 2017 $24,687,919 Dota 2 18  90
2 The International 2016 $20,770,640 Dota 2 16  80
3 The International 2015 $18,6429,613 Dota 2 16  80
4 The International 2014 $10,931,103 Dota 2 14  70
5 LoL 2016 World Championship $5,070,000 LoL 16  86
6 LoL 2017 World Championship $4,596,578 LoL 24  128
7 DAC 2015 $3,057,521 Dota 2 20  100
8 The Boston Major 2016 $3,000,000 Dota 2 16  80
9 The Frankfurt Major 2015 $3,000,000 Dota 2 16  80
10 The Kiev Major 2017 $3,000,000 Dota 2 16 80
25  WESG 2016 (CS:GO) $1,500,000 CS:GO 8 40


Despite the fact that Dota 2 isn't showing championship results on Twitch.tv, this is the game that brings the biggest profits to the pro gamers. The Chinese viewers are playing an active part in this, and also the fans' huge support when it comes to forming the prize fund of The International. This love is strengthened by different bonuses, which increases the tournaments' prize funds even more.

LoL is the most popular game on Twitch.tv. It's played by millions of people, though it hasn't been able to reach such prize pools as Dota 2 has yet.  Even the fans' support doesn't help, who are also involved into forming the World Championship's prize fund.

People love watching CS:GO. The game's the one, holding a record for the pick views on Twitch. However, esportmen, who have devoted themselves to this discipline cannot boast of as much profits as the Dota 2 pro gamers have, so CS:GO needs to catch up!

These games are the leaders today. Will something overtake them anytime soon? Esport is always developing, and watching this process is a real pleasure!

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