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Trends of the Week: Morphling nerfed but stronger. Episode #3

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We've seen interesting and opposite trends this week: the growth of Morphling's popularity and its winrate, and Tiny's decreasing statistics.

There's only one hero, the winrate of which is getting above 50%. Despite all the changes, Visage has remained the very same character and players have got used to its updated variant pretty fast. Considering the minor improvement of its familiars, the growth is pretty obvious.

Second round for Anti-Mage

After the glowing winrate growth, Anti-Mage has doing worse and worse by the week. The hero has been noticeably nerfed in version 7.07b and 7.07c and he's lost almost 10% of winrate recently. However, it hasn't affected its popularity much, since the community fell in love with AM a long time ago.

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger

The most interesting situation is seen around Morphling this week. In 7.07c, it was nerfed, though not much. Nevertheless, the hero's winrate has increased and even got closer to the numbers of the old patch. Obviously, the community has got used to the hero's new image and it's getting more popular. We wonder if it'll undergo any changes in the next patch.

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