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The new ranked system in Dota 2 revealed

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Dota 2 has undergone global changes regarding ranked matches. The developers have completely abandoned the point system and replaced it with icons of seven levels.

Seasonal Rank Tier Names:

  • Herald
  • Guardian
  • Crusader
  • Archon
  • Legend
  • Ancient
  • Divine


The progress within one rank can be watched via stars depicted below the icon, they can differ from 0 to 5. Both group and solo matches are considered in all ranks but Ancient and Divine.


Five-start users in the Divine division make it into the leaderboards of those, having the highest rating. There's a ladder place shown near the medal.


The first ranked season wil last for half a year. The medal earned in it will remain in the profile. You can also leave the stats of the old MMR there.