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Trends of the Week: Tiny gets bigger, Anti-Mage falls. Episode #2

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Over the last week, Tiny has become a little bit stronger, Chen has continued going down, and Spectre with Storm Spirit have lost momentum a tad. However, the biggest jump among "the tops" is Underlord's winrate, which has increased by 2%!

Way to the top

Pangolier continues climbing to the cherished 50% of wins. Over the last week, it's become 1.3% more successful and now has a 45% winrate. The result is rather mediocre, but the tendency has remained. It's noteworthy that this hero gets the best result in matches with skilled players. It's clear that it's slowly repeating the fate of Io and Earth Spirit

A Rolling Stone! That rolls upwards! Tiny coming in!

After the 7.07b update, Tiny has returned its previous status. Unfortunately, now, as well as before, he still cannot be called a strong hero. In games with low-point players, its winrate drops to the catastrophic 43%. Nevertheless, the opposite is true, too: in high-point games, Tiny has gotten closer to 50% of wins. The reason of such instability is in its novelty. Even a week later after the release of 7.07b, arguments about builds for the hero are still going on, but its growing winrate gives hope.

Stop the carry

Three hard carries have dropped their performance a little. Anti-Mage, Spectre and Terroblade have lost 0,84%, 1,17% and 1,05% of wins, respectively. It hasn't affected the balance of power much and, frankly speaking, only Anti-Mage is interesting in this case. After its nerf in 7.07b the drop of its winrate has been happening for two weeks now. Considering how popular this hero is on all levels of skill, such an approach to 50% cannot be called anything, but positive.

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