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Trends of the Week: Life after patch 7.07b. Episode #1

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The new patch set a new meta. However, it had no place for the new heroes, and the summit was conquers by the old-timers. Anti-Mage, Medusa and Beastmaster noticeably got their win rates increased and started to get attention of the players. Each hero had its own reasons for the growth, but it doesn't matter now, since the main client has been updated to 7.07b and everything has changed again.

What's with Tiny?

We need to pay tribute to the developers of the game. This mini-patch has fixed heroes with a low win rate, and stronger heroes have got minor nerfs but haven't turned into "trash".
Tiny recieved the biggest boost and now after the refining has turned out to be one of the most useless heroes. He hasn't got to the numbers of the previous patch but now is still considered a really weak hero.

A little bit of balance

A new guy called Pangolier needed a buff right after it was released. The guys from Valve tried to make the character stronger and it has become stronger, but also more difficult to play. These words can also be used regarding Morphling.

Heroes worth paying attention to

Among strong heroes we can also distinguish Anti-Mage and Medusa. Even after the nerf, they show an excellent win rate and are a good choice for a pub game or ranked matches, especially AM, which with the new talents has become even more annoying in fights and more successful at farming.

Who's still at the top?

It's noteworthy that the top of the strongest heroes haven't changed much.
Omniknight or Spectre have kept their positions after the patch and just gave some space for the new faces.

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