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Two new heroes, ranked seasons and lots of other changes. A global patch for Dota 2

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The Dota 2 developers have shown a list of changes which will enter into force in the next update. Version 7.02 will bring lots of new stuff to the game and will remove lots of old things, as well.

Global changes

The new ranked season and a new mode can definitely be considered a global change. Valve have finally listened to the community and added seasons to the ranked game mode. Each season will last six months, and the players will need to fight in seven divisions, while their results will be reset every season.

New Dota 2 mode

A new turbo mode will have the standard rules but at an accelerated rate. It'll be easier to get gold and experience, the respawn time is decreased, and you can buy stuff from any spot on the map. The new mode is perfect for casual matches and testing new strategies.

Dark Willow, Pangolier and a lot more

Two new heroes, Dark Willow and Pangolier, are ready to conquer the pubs and professional matches. Ancient Apparition will get a new appearance. The ping wheel, as well as the guide system, will receive a new design. Moreover, a few items will be removed in the update, and a few new ones will be added, new talent trees for almost all heroes and a lot more. You can check out the full list of changes on the official website.

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