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Esports Bootcamp: Its Pros and Cons

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Let’s start off with a fact that we were one of few if not the only team ever to win the TI qualifiers not bootcamping for it, while not saying it wouldn’t be possible for us to win it from a bootcamp place, I honestly think not being on bootcamp played a significant role. Why is that? I’ll try to explain more here.

While that already could be a good enough reason to play another major quals from home, that is not all.

Private space

One of the biggest advantages of playing at home is private space and individual practice space. For example anytime I would go to a bootcamp I would lose significant amount of MMR, every single time. Losing MMR means losing a lot of games, sure “Idc MMR” can be a thing, but losing a lot even if its just pubs puts u in a somewhat bad mood and affects your team practice in some way.


I simply can’t focus enough with people around me doing stuff (all the normal stuff people do). I have been living alone for quite some time already and I have gotten used to my own home conditions of playing. I’m certain I could adapt after some time to bootcamp conditions, but there is no such. Every bootcamp lasts between 5-15 days which is not so much considering you spend a lot of time in team practice.

Team spirit

Of course there are a lot of positive sides that bootcamp brings to a team such as team bounding and team building. When you are at bootcamp you discuss Dota much more with your teammates then you usually do, you get to know each other better which helps you in-game. You live together, you eat together, you basically do almost everything as a team. Every bootcamp I had great time meeting my teammates and doing things like escape rooms or whatever with them was quite fun.


The way I would solve these issues is by having a team house which would provide you both of those things. You would have your personal practice space and a team practice space. That way you could focus on both and I believe there would be no issues for anyone.  For me, personal practice is almost if not as important as team practice and that’s why I would always stay at home over going at bootcamp.