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How to practice efficiently

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Hello everyone! In this blog, I’ll tell you about five CS:GO advice that will be useful for every player, and especially for the beginners. Let’s get started!

1. Start your day right

When we have an official match, etiher at a LAN or the bootcamp, or when we play from home, I like to take a shower after breakfast because then I feel more like an alivefox than deadfox, feelsgoodman.

2. Good diet is important

As for eating, you should never skip breakfast, never, it’s the most important meal of the day. And what is also important is that you shouldn’t eat right before the match; of course, you can eat some chocolate, peanut etc. — it should be something with energy — but avoid heavy food before the match. You should eat at least an hour before the game. What I like to do is eat something with small portions 1-2 hours before the match, then just drink water and after the game I can eat whatever i want to.

3. Your mood matters

What is very important for me on LANs is the mood because if for example I have a bad day or something unusual has happened and my mood is bad and thus I’m playing worse but I’m sure everyone has to deal with it, so that’s why I try to keep everything else out of my mind and focus on the upcoming game. I like to joke about things to keep the mood uplifted, and at home my pets help me stay in the right mood because it can also affect your teammates. After practice or some long LAN day I like to play something like Dota, any game that I can play with my friends or just to go out with my dog or anywhere just to clear my mind, have some fun, it really prepares me for the next day.

4. Take a rest

Every week I have a day when I don’t play CS:GO at all, because I think you can overplay the game so you won’t have fun playing it which is bad, you have to enjoy what you are doing; of course, people sometimes don’t get to choose their job etc., but I think it’s important to enjoy it somehow, try to find some way to enjoy it.

5. Never give up

Everyone has their up and downs, but when the “downs” happen this is the time when you have to keep up the good work, you have to keep trying not to give up. Sadly this is also the time when people throw in the towel because no one likes to lose, but it’s important to understand that we learn through mistakes and we need to get the best we can from them to grow as players and people in general.