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Travelling as a professional gamer

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I have a love/hate relationship with travelling. I remember dreaming about travelling around the world since I was a child, and becoming a professional gamer was a big step in realizing that dream. It’s amazing to experience cultures all around the world and it’s one of the biggest perks of what I do.

But there is one catch, I barely ever travel to explore, I travel to be in one location and one location only the competition. I have to go out of my way to truly experience the country that I am in. Most tournaments have a pretty tight schedule, so going out may be difficult sometimes. Also being a shy person means that I don’t really want to just go out alone, so to explore I need at least one more person to come with me, and my teammates are kinda lazy/tired sometimes. But when we manage to do it, it’s always refreshing and it always inspires me to play more.

Visiting great hotels like Lotte in Moscow @ EPICENTER is just amazing.

Of course I have to complain a bit that I live in Eastern Slovakia, so I have to travel extra 7 hours  by bus every time, this is one of the worst things about travelling for me. It’s so tiring sometimes to think that even after everyone is already home I have to travel for another third of the day. The only thing I can do is either sleep or stew all the emotions that I have from the tournament. So sometimes I can be travelling home being calm and relaxed or just thinking about all of the mistakes that I have made and how to fix them.

First time visiting a park in Atlanta which I would visit daily to chill later.

My favourite place that I have ever been to was Atlanta @ the ELEAGUE Major. I have travelled all over the city and had many walks with my teammates among the beautiful parks there. Every day we enjoyed a great lunch in a mall close to the hotel and travelled to the tournament after which we always had a nice walk around the city in the warm weather. Everyone was very nice, we visited nice restaurants and many nice locations, the weather was great considering that it was very cold back home and overall it was just a very comfortable city to visit. That’s why it’s my favourite.

So yeah, travelling is great but sometimes it may be a little tiring if you have to go by bus a lot.