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What should HellRaisers beware of?

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Today the guys from HellRaisers are going to PGL Regional Minor Championship Europe — ELEAGUE Major 2017, which will run from November 4-6 in Bucharest.

I’ve decided to write a blog concerning this trip and estimate our team’s chances to reach the main qualifier.

Space Soldiers 

  •  Third place at ESWC 2016
  •  First place at WESG 2016 Africa & Middle East Regional Finals
  •  place place at ASUS ROG Summer 2016

The recent results of the Turks are impressive. They’ve started to show up in the tier-3 teams tournaments, and the presence of XANTARES (the best player in the world by the ranking — 1.26) on the team gives the guys confidence. I think that soon they’ll be ready to reach a new level, but in order for them to do so they’ll need to win a quota for the main qualifier, and I’ll tell you that these guys have all chances for that.

This is one of the team I wouldn’t want to face off against. The best decision would be the ban of Cobblestone (in the first place) and Dust 2. They feel very confident on these maps and play well Cobblestone, where quite a few strong rivals have already been defeated (we won’t count Gambit’s loss).

Alternate aTTaX

  • Champions of ESWC 2016

In the absence of top teams the Germans won ESWC 2016 without difficulties. I don’t really like this team, since the guys are always involved in some stories and intrigue concerning other teams. However, that doesn’t prevent them from showing quite good results.

I think that it’d be nice to meet them within the brackets, since the maps work perfectly for us. A perfect solution would be the ban of Dust 2 and Cobblestone, since the Germans have been playing there very confidently recently.


  •  Third place at Gfinity CS:GO Invitational 2016
  •  Third place at DreamHack ZOWIE Open Summer 2

Alongside with HR, they are the main favorites of the tournament in my opinion. After the legendary player exchange with Fnatic these guys didn’t do well, and Krimz’s leaving is another proof of that. But the roster still consists of stars such as JW and Flusha, and also Znaider, who doesn’t take a back seat either.

I think that these guys should play in the final, but for some reason they don’t do well with the new roster, and I think that the minor might give them the confidence they need so bad.

The dangerous maps against the Swedes can be Overpass and Mirage, but, in general, I think that we can and should beat them.


It’s a very promising team led by Ex6TenZ. The guys have been showing decent results recently. Indeed, having beat Kinguin in the final of the qualifiers and taken the second place at ESWC (having left Space Soldiers behind), the teams in Bucharest won’t be able to ignore this Belgian-French team.

I’d mark up-and-coming AWP player to1nou, who came to Kyiv for WESG and showed a decent level of play, and also captain and experienced player Ex6TenZ.

The French play Dust 2 and Cache well, though I think that HellRaisers can beat them on these maps.


  •  Second place at League of Sharks CS:GO Championship
  •  Third place at Northern Arena 2016
  •  First place at Power-LAN 2016

The Danes are one of the main favorites at the tournament. After SK Gaming broke up, the guys made a new roster, having invited young valde and gla1ve, which let them make it into the top 20 of the world ranking. But they have run out of passion and their recent results show that they are losing momentum, and leaving of the in-game leader in the person of gla1ve to Astralis doesn’t give the team a boost of confidence.

This team has a big map pool, and that says it won’t be an easy walk for their rivals on any of the maps. For us a perfect ban would be either Train or Overpass.


This is probably the only Finnish team that always shows up here and there, but doesn’t show good results, and frequent changes of the roster don’t give me a reason to consider them favorites.

They’ve changed the roster for this minor, too — only nasu and sunny have remained on the team. I think we won’t have problems in this match, and our guys will cope with the Finnes.

The best ban for us would be Train and Mirage, but also the Finnes can cause problems on Dust 2.


The solid Swedish team. The guys have been playing together a while, and for this team they’ve changed only xelos, who’s been replaced by legendary BARBARR.

I considered them the main favorites of ESWC 2016, but it happened, as usual. The lack of stability of this team doesn’t let them reach a new level and start fighting tier-2 teams.

Even despite the fact that the Swedes often cause problems, and even beat top teams sometimes, recently draken and disco_doplan can’t find their play, and so the team can’t expect anything without these guys.

Epsilon are known for their good play on Mirage and Dust 2. These maps being taken away, my boys shouldn’t face any problems.


The main favorite of PGL Regional Minor Championship Europe — ELEAGUE Major 2017 in my opinion! The guys are in excellent shape and are going to win. For the three months HellRaisers have gained experienced from such large-scale tournaments as SLTV and EPICENTER. Participation and saving a slot in ESL Pro League also make HR favorites of the competition.

DeadFox has brought the team stability. Returning in the top 20 says that the team is gaining momentum and all these tournaments were the preparation for the most important tournament of the half-year period.

If we take a look at all the teams, then for HellRaisers it will be excellent to pick such maps as Cache, Cobblestone and Nuke. The rivals won’t get many chances on these maps, but for that our team needs to work all together.