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How to start playing better?

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I think everyone wants to reach the heights in what he likes, but at that hardly anyone understands how to do this. I want to write this blog to help all newcomers and current Counter-Strike players, I want to share my experience and stored knowledge I’ve gained during my playing career. To make it easier to read I’ll divide the narration in a few parts, each of which will tell you about key factors affecting the success.

You need to understand that in a race for a title of the best there are hundreds of thousands of people running with you, and only a thousand of them wear the title. With the help of simple mathematical calculations we realize that 1000 more guys living in a place you are lay claim to get a place in the sun. And you need to prove everyone you are the one who deserves to stand on the podium more than all of them.

All I’ve added isn’t for a witticism, but for you to psych yourself up for this tough race. You’ll need to play 12 hours a day, sacrifice your private life, relationships with your parents and, which is the most difficult, while doing all this, you will lose. You’ll lose during your entire life, as well as did all the players regardless of their place in the ranking. But if you’ve got a will to work on yourself and turn any loss to profit, then after some period of time the results won’t be late in coming.

Surround yourself with an atmoshere favorable to work. You don’t need to worry about your lagging computer or the Internet, think about problems at work/study, clutter your mind with problems with a girlfriend/parents. If we return to the analogy of a race, then each of the things cluttering your mind is a weight piece on your leg. Of course, you can make it to the finish while carrying all this dump, but how fast will this path be? Will you have enough patience for that?

Yes, I understand that not everything depends on us, and I did face many problems that didn’t have a way out at the certain period of life, too. In these cases a rule I’ve been always following helped me — «If I’ve got a chance to fix the situation, then I’ll do my best to do so. If I don’t have such a chance, then I take this problem as a part of myself and continue to move». When I put up with any kind of inconvenience, this problems turns from «annoying me thing» to «a weight piece I’m temporary carrying». Believe me you can tirelessly wring your head with problems about the ping, chair, bad keyboard and so on, but if you currently have no money to buy a new table, keyboard or get another Internet, then it’s useless and even destructive to get worried about that.

It’s the last and probably the most important part of my blog. You can play 24 hours a day, live in a palace, use the best computer, but achieve nothing. And all this is because you don’t progress, don’t start to play better after each played game, don’t learn from yours and other’s mistakes.

Counter-Strike is a battle of wits in the first place. A skilfully taken position, in-time thrown nade or properly configured crossair cut out any attemps of the rival to resist.

I want all of you to hear from your head the same phrase a hundred times a day: «How can I play better here?». To answer this question for the first time you’ll need a few minutes, or maybe you’ll need hours spent in your bed with unsuccessful attempts to fall asleep. But the often you answer this question, the less time it’ll take to find an answer in the future. Our brain is a muscle, it needs training. That’s why there are timeouts in professional CS. Captains/coaches’ brains answer the same question: «How can we play better here?». Yes, in a few extra minutes they do find a key to the rival’s play (since everyone knows that the taking round statistics after the use of a tactical pause is about 80%).

You should have a right attitude towards the things more experienced players try to explain to you. Being a young one, I would always get into argument about my play, but now I clearly understand that I was wrong. At that I want you to pay attention that I was wrong not in certain in-game situations, but in that I was trying to tell my view of what no one was interested in. As a result, I’ve chosen the most correct line of behavior such as I listen to everything I’m told, take it silently, and then I decide myself if this information will help me or not. There’s no reason of getting into thousands of useless arguments, in which everyone will stick to his opinion. Later I started to understand that I did use many of the advice I’d been given, although at first I found them nonsense. That’s how I saved my time and got a profit.

I didn’t come at once to what I’ve just written — I was learning this as a consequence of bruises and abrasions. It cost me many years of successful career.

I hope that someone will find this information useful. And I in my turn have finally written the blog the link to which you can give to everyone asking how to become a pro.