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Blog about PGL Regional European Minor

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Hello everyone, in this blog I will tell you something about MLG Minor tournament. 
It was our first official event in this lineup, also Zero met ANGE1 and kUcheR for the first time, so it was something new to him, as well as for me and styko, because, as everyone knows, I had had some break with CS:GO for about two years.

I had to play under pressure, because after my comeback I have found the way how to play CS:GO in a good way. So there were many eyes on me. 
I was stressed, but, yeah, our trip to Romania was funny, almost everyone didn't sleep more like 15 hours, so yeah, we had such a fun time. 
But all of us knew why we were going there, we were motivated to play, we wanted to win. 

We arrived, PGL guy showed us a hotel, which was rather nice. We took a shower, then we were going to talk about our games, but it did not happen so, everyone fell asleep. We woke up around 12 p.m., then we had been having some drinks in the lobby before breakfast was open and then we went to sleep again.

We woke up very nice, almost like every pro, around 12 a.m., so we were dead. After everything we came to the PGL arena, which was really fine, I liked everything there, there was a nice chilling area, good food I enjoyed, it was something i had never seen before. 

They took us to get photos, interviews, we set our computers for the upcoming day and then we were just chilling, eating and watching nice matches.
In our first match day, we were playing against Lemondogs. Well, I will not lie, my stress was growing up. Our first match was shaky, I think almost everyone was under pressure, but kUcheR and ANGE1 showed their qualities and did well in our first match.

Every match was very close, but we managed to win each of them. It did not matter if the score was 16:14 or 16:3, win is win, and we felt more confident by the wins. I have to say that PixelFire guys played very well. I didn't expect from them such a high performance, but yeah, they had nothing to lose, and you can play more freely, which is sometimes good for your team.
So we won our group, we were happy that we did it because, as i said, our matches were pretty close, and we got many comebacks.

Our first match in the playoff was against PENTA. I felt good, I slept well, so I was sure that that game would be ours. We won Mirage in the overtimes with some crucial rounds, though we lost Inferno, which i did even know was our map. I personally think that we play Cache a lot better than Inferno, but i don't know, I didn't see the whole voting, the opponents might have banned Cache. The third map was dust2, we were like now or never, we were always good on Dust2, so we just played our game, and after the strong CT side, which we won with a 10:5 score, we end the match with a 16:10 score. 

Everyone was happy, we went to eat and watched the second semifinal. I personally wanted to play against E-Frag more than against PixelFire, because I like playing against E-Frag's style. E-Frag won PixelFire and that was it. Our last match of this nice tournament was in front of us. We knew that we would win this because E-Frag had not won us for a few months, so we were confident a lot.

We started on Dust2 again, we made some mistakes, but we ended the match with no drama 16:11. The next map was Inferno. Those, who expected that we would lose this map, turned out to be right. I don't know, we started on the T side, got like 6 rounds, which is a really good result, but then we failed the CT side so hard as no one ever would. So yeah, after the match we all knew that Inferno simply is not our best map, the best map for us, which is cobblestone, was waiting for us in the third game. We had the great CT side, won it with a 10:5 score, then we took a pistol round on the T side, and then, we should have won the match, and yes, we did win that match, we did win PGL, and now we are going to the MGL Columbus Major Qualifiers. We are going to get prepared as much as possible. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!