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Dread, HellRaisers and World-Renowned Experts

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The quality of people, who judge, curse others and stick labels, knowing nothing about the heart of the matter, is sadly symptomatic. On the Internet they are called "couch-based experts". These justice fighters are as smart as a steel trap. 


Gentlemen with such a character never need any investigations, for them it is known without charge or trial who is a speculator, who is a extortioner and who is innocent at all. On the other hand, it is actually even good that there are such mental flings, since sport is mostly the emotions it gives. It is a pleasure to see the real passion and feelings. 

Some percentage of the audience might be interested in fundamental reasons of what happened in our house, so I will briefly speak out.

A certain negative in the team had been accumulating for months. Sometimes it is hard for young and ambitious people to take the absence of positive results during more than half a year. The last success was at February Dota Asia Championship and April Red Bull Battle Grounds.


Long summer holidays and players' tests at the end of August didn't bring a flash-like result. The roster was complete "for further extension". Nevertheless, we had managed to get in good shape and at the end of September we went to the Igromir exhibition to take part in Global eSports Cup, while the qualifiers for autumn The Frankfurt Major were starting in a few days. 

On the one hand, off-site tournaments and travelling always unsettle. On the other, we had to go, since a potential victory at Igromir was the last chance to show ourselves to org-men from VALVE,  who give invitations for local qualifiers to ones and bless others for the qualifying roulette.

We took a dare, wrecked nerves at Igromir, and because of difficulties with organization of the exhibition we didn't play the tournament to the end and got home with silver medals. Then it happened that we missed the Autumn major tournament in Frankfurt.


So, now it is time to answer the most burning questions. Do you think that Dulat is the only guilty man in the much talked-about incident? You are far off the mark. Do you suspect Andrey of being a black hat? You are so wrong…

This story reminds the episode with Zinedine Zidane at the football world championship of 2006, when in the fight against the Italy team Zidane found it impossible to endure the acts of provocation by Marco Materazzi. The famous headbutt became a reason for hundreds of thousands of jokes and memes, and the France team lost in a series of post match penalties.  

As a captain of the France team, Zinedine did, let's say, quite wrong.  But was he wrong as a person with his philosophy? We have no right to answer this question, everyone decides it for themselves at certain moments of life.


Legendary Zidane did so, since he found it necessary. There is a suspicion that after ten years the answer to the «If you had a chance to turn back the hands of time, would you do the same?" question will be a nod into the chest.

However, this analogy is rather far-fetched, since in the football episode there was an obvious bad guy, Marco Materazzi. In our story though it is way softer and more difficult. The bottom line is both are wrong. That's it. Reprimands and penalty charges have already been adjudged. Sorry, but lashes and approving howls of the bloodthirsty audience had not been planned.

It means that there is a conflict of objectives. So what? We suggested every player speaking out in a written form about reasons of the conflict, and also writing their own view of the future.

After it there was a received information analysis, joint discussion and final decision. A sharp eyed reader should notice the word «joint», that means there is a hope that there will be less comments with the «Why did you kick them ****?!» question. 

As a result everyone's got what they wanted at this point of life. So there is no need to give a ranting speech. You either take the objective reality or waste your nerves and strength doing goodness knows what. 

Do you like Andrey, his charisma and gift? He always could be found on the well-known stream and social networks. I personally spend there more time than it is required, but I can't help myself, I do like this guy. 

As for those, who were cheering for HellRaisers only because of Andrey, this is their right, I don't see any problems here, they may do what they want.

Ultimately, I want to say about the ones.

Have you ever loved for real? Were you able to say for sure what you loved the person for? For an eyebrow shape, voice pattern, eye colors, laugh, humor, kindness, loyalty? It is meaninglessly to take it independently and try to systematize it somehow. You either love or not.

This is how it is. If you like a team and its energetics in general, don't make the air blue, just leave it behind, and welcome to our big family.