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About Family Life and the Team

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Hello to all my dear friends! I decided to write a small blog about the recent changes in my life. 

There is a girl, who has appeared in my life and changed myself for the better. Her name is Yana. She does support me, she is always with me and always can help me with advice. She even has started playing Counter Strike to keep up-to-date. Since recently she streams. I have a very positive attitude towards this, and she is doing great! Since we were training during the whole Summer and almost didn't have a rest, we planned our vacation to the end of the Summer and chose sunny Egypt, a city of Sharm el-Sheikh. Having arrived, we were met by the unreal heat of +45-48 degrees (Celsius). 🙂 We stopped for 7 days in a very cool hotel called Reef Oasis. Of course, the most important and bright moment in my life was the yes answer of Yana for my proposal to get married. At that moment I was the happiest man in the world! Then we would go to diving (I do recommend it for everyone) and have a ride on quad bikes through the desert. On the photos below you may see a few ones from our vacation. It was definitely the most unforgettable 7 days in my life. 

Now I want to share with you some information about my team. After a rest we got back with the eagle spirit and are ready to train and spend a lot of time playing CS. First of all, we came together in Kiev on our base (everyone, except for Dosia) and immediately started playing the qualifiers for Faceit League. Our first opponents were the Reason team. Having lost the first map, we came out outside, said to each other that we are way stronger than them and all we have to do is just to brace up and beat them. We sat down and won with a 2:1 score. On the next day, we have the Danes as rivals again, but at that time it was SK Gaming. We had the same scenario with them: we lost the first map again (our pick, by the way), came out outside, discussed the things a little bit about how we would win them on the next two maps, sat down and got a victory without some difficulties. We had troubles on de_dust2 though. But Mou didn't think that way and showed the excellent play with AWP and thus we managed to beat them at the overtime period. This victory is very important for us, since we are having the qualifiers for the major ahead!  

Then we had a trip to Slovenia for Gaming Paradise, but, having thought, we decided to stay in Kiev and play the online qualifiers from our base, since the tournament will be running at the same time as the qualifiers. Dosia, finally, joined us and now we, being all together, got a victory. I want to say hello to my parents (I know they will read this). Thanks to those, who always cheer and support us with warm words. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!