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NickChipper оn «New Life in Hearthstone»

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I suppose, I will begin with the fact that Hearthstone is different from other games that with every new update the meta is absolutely changed. Just remember the release of Naxx or Black Mountain.. It is the Grand Tournament right now, or how it is called by those, who came from WoW, Trial of the Crusader. 

Okay, then. What's happened, when the Tournament has been released? Let's begin with the classes, which used to dominate in the meta of legendary and high ranks (from the 6th one) before the appearance of new 130 cards. 

1. Patron Warrior

2. Midrange Hunter

3. Demonzoo Warlock

These three classes and decks were considered to be in the top not only by Team Liquid and Tempo Storm, but by many other teams. All players on this rank understood that it would be Patron or Hunter for 100 percent, and there would be Free trap for sure.  

What do we see now? The season has just ended, and in the last hours of the season, I was checking in on the high level of the legend (150-70), and I met: pal, pal, war, war, war, war, pal, priest, priest, pal, priest, priest, war, hunter, war, priest. 

1. Paladins on secrets

2. Priests on Dragons

3. Cotrol-Parton Warriors (60-40)

Paladin is at the top of the meta, and the last time it was, when… wait, it's never happaned before and who would think that after the nerf of the Desert Priest, he would comeback onto the second place? 

What is behind such popularity of these classes in the meta? 


In the first turn, it's happened because these classes have become winners of the new update. What am I taking about? Paladin (in my opinion) has got the strongest class card from the new update: 6-6, 6 mana, he can draw from the deck and set on the table 5 cards.. Yeah, this is strong! But we can understand the developers. You see, guys, the policy of Blizzard is that different archetypes should be used. So they want Hunster and Beasts to control the table, to revive Murlocs, to make the secrets in Paladin's decks play… And they started using them. 


Priest on Dragons has broken in the game on very high ranks. I personally knew six players, who ended the season in the legend top 100 and got the sacred BlizzCon points by using Dragon Priest. Well-known Kolento, who has taken the second place at ONOG Summer 2015. was the one to use this deck, too. This is definitely a comeback into the game and the Priest tournament.  


The main two archetypes of Warriors are Control (Dragon-Control) and Patron. What is the difference? The first deck is aimed at a long game and the control of the table, the second one is the combo-deck, which can end the game on the sixth turn, and can play to the fatigue. The appearance of new dragons and cars, which have the synergy with them, even more increased the control of Warrior. And now, checking up in the ladder, it is hard to say what this Warrior is till the 4-5th and sometimes even to the 7th turn. Patron-Warrior is the top 1 ladder card of the last season and the meta. What did happen with it after the release of the Grand Tournament? Actually, nothing: we didn't see new cards in the deck, but we got the second 3-2 axe instead of Harrison, Paladins' secret and that's it. How does this deck perform in the current meta? Quite good, actually. It has good winrate against Druids and also plays good with new paladins. Also we shouldn't forget that any Warrior has good winrate against Hunters (it has even bigger winrate against Face-Hunters), and right now we will have much more Face Hunters then the mid one. This is all because of the appearance of Paladins. As a conclusion: we will meet both Control and Patron Warriors in the tournaments.  


I will begin with the number 4 in the rating of the Grand Tournament winners. 

Druid has got the early game, which help them to do away with the agro. Darnassus is the extra heavy growth for Druids, a good card. Druids always have had high winrate against Control-Warriors and it is not going to be changed. At the tournament we will see Druids for sure, since Druid is the hero, which can both win everyone and lost to everyone. Many things depend on the early and mid game.  


Hunter was thought to be a strong hero in this meta, but since yesterday it seemed as though this class has died… This is because new Hunters haven't been made up yet. People are interested in playing something new and maybe everyone has just tired of Rexxar. I don't know. I, personally, switched to new Face Hunter, the deck of which I'm going to show you right now. 

I won the summer season ladder by using this deck. I recommend taking it to the tournament, despite the big popularity of Control Warrior and Priests. This Hunter is played well with new Paladins, and stands good against Patron-Warriors as well and, having a good score, can win Druids and Tempo Mages.  


I begin with that in the current meta it is possible to mark Tempo Mages, but not Freeze Mages. Before we start discussing these two decks, let's remember about Giant Mage. Neviilz performs good, playing Giant Mage in the tournament and won many championships by Gfinity, but, boys, this player has more than 2,000 games on this hero. He is a giant of this deck and, if you are interested, I would recommend you trying Giant Mage in the current meta, since he may be good used against Priests, Warrior and doesn't leave any chances to Hunter.  

As for Freeze Mage. At the upcoming Starladder we will either see 1-2 of them or none of them at all. The Tempo Mage deck is easy to perform, almost always has a good start. Remember Tom, who has taken the first place at ONOG SUMMMER 2015. I would say that Tempo Mage is a fun deck, which is interesting to play and which may help to get the legendary rank even in this meta.  


Unfortunately, the boost of Shamans by new cards didn't make them leaders of the meta, which is a pity. I predict that Shamans will have the same fate at Starladder Season 1, as well as Freeze Mages. There will be just a few of them. For the final I will tell about Rogue and Warlock. 


I'll begin with Handlock. Blizzard got their own way and two old archetypes, Warlocks on Giants and Zoo Warlock, are now used more rarely than Demon Warlock. Handdemon Warlock will be the one to be played in this meta. Despite the fact that I called Paladin, Warrior and Priests the leaders of the meta, I expect that the popularity of Warlock will not slump. In the ladder we are not having Malygos Warlock at all. 


Nothing has changed in Oil Rogue. But within the ladder there are new Tempo Rogues, which is good. I want to mark the HR player, ShtanUdachi, who's taken the second place at the qualifiers for Starladder, where his main weapon was Valeera. I'm sure that there will be many Rogue at the upcoming Starladder Season 1 tournament. 


HS is developing in different directions and that does please! A new update, new decks, new ideas  — thanks to Blizzard for a wonderful game, Hearthstone. It is hard to say what we should expect from Blizzcon, but as for Starladder, we can and we should speak, since this tournament will be running since September 3. I'm sure that Warrior will be the pick leader. And Shamans will be the fewest ones. But this is just the guesswork and who knows how it will be! Thanks to everyone, who follows my thoughts. 

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