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There is no use crying over spilt milk

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It is about twenty-four hours that I'm trying to come to life after the very bitter defeat at the ESL One Cologne 2015 qualifiers. It is hard to understand why the game didn't go well in that important for us day. This is a big clap both for the team and the organization. We tried to do our best to prepare as best as possible to perform at the qualifiers. But you already know the result… If you don't, here's the link.  

Following the events around ESL One Cologne 2015 qualifiers and many other tournaments, you might have noticed that the level of CS:GO has really grown up. There is a big number of teams that might be considered to be at least as good average ones, which from time to time do surprise top teams. Also there are about ten fives, which are able to compete with each other. And thus I want to open one questions, which many esports individuals might be wondered about: why is the format of ESL One Cologne 2015 qualifiers based on bo1 matches?  

During two days it was hard to pry yourself away from watching. The bo1 format allows to get the maximum of emotions in a very short time. It also saves the energy for both teams and the organizers of the tournament, but I think that many of you will agree with me that such format increases the risk of making a mistake. If a team is ready for 100%, they must be able to win without any problems, but not robots play in CS:GO, but people. So that's why even top teams make mistake. 

I do not want to dispute the results of the qualifiers by no manner of means, and I do congratulate the teams, which managed to get their slots for the main part of the championship. And I can hardly wait for ESL One Cologne 2015. But since CS:GO is on such high level right now, isn't better to carry out detailed qualifiers, if the teams are going on LAN for this event?  

In what format would you hold the qualifiers for such tournament?