Partner — Twitch

Twitch is the largest platform for video broadcasts and community for gamers with more than 60 million visitors per month. Twitch connects gamers all around the world, giving them an opportunity to broadcast, watch and communicate, wherever they play.



Partner — Fadecase

Fadecase is a well-known Swedish manufacturer of CS:GO knife replicas and gaming mousepads. The knifes crafted by this company undergo several quality checks and are made with stainless steel by true masters. Also the gaming surfaces are designed in the style of your favorite CS:GO skins.


Partner — Kiev Cybersport Arena

«Kiev Cybersport Arena» is the best-specialized cybersport platform in Europe. Stationary scene with diagonal of 7 meters fully equipped with audio, video and lighting equipment for tournaments, presentations and shows of highest level. 200 gaming workstations equipped with the latest computer technology. Professional gaming devices, a broadband Internet connection and comfortable workspace will meet the needs of the most sophisticated visitors. On the territory of gaming center, there are several broadcasting and video recording studios, which allow to LIVE-broadcast from any activities in TV-show mode.