The HellRaisers organization was founded on 9 March 2014 with the best Counter-Strike players of the CIS region, who had world-wide fame. In 2016 HellRaisers decided to look toward the European scene, having taken under their banner two Slovaks and a Czech, together with whom the team managed to achieve incredible results for a short period of time. Despite the Ukrainian origins of the clan tag and the fact that on the CS:GO roster there are two Ukrainians, currently the team plays under the European flag and every day wins hearts of fans world-wide. Each player has a great experience and a long history of esports matches. Under their belt there are quite a few awards from the largest world championships. 

HellRaisers are looking for rosters in all popular disciplines. For cooperation contact us via email provided below:

You can contact us by e-mail:



Maksym Bednarsky CEO  
Tomas Icso marketing manager  
Ivan Shevtsov sports director of CS:GO / coach  
Amiran Rekhviashvili СS:GO team analyst  
Aleksandr Nemesh  CS:GO team manager
Aleksandr Kulyk editor-in-chief