Abay 'HObbit' Khasenov Answers Your Questions

How much should a new player practice? Can one become a pro if their PC is bad? Why HellRaisers? HObbit will answer all of your questions!
Abay 'HObbit' Khasenov Answers Your Questions


How come you’re such a good person?
–  HObbit: This is thanks to my parents. I always try to be a good person.

– If you weren't a professional player, what would you be?
–  HObbit: 
I’ve always looked up to my parents. I think I would follow in their footsteps.

How much time should new players practice with bots?
–  HObbit: If you're new to the game and want to go pro, you need to practice more than a professional player. I'd suggest playing for ten hours a day and killing at least 1,000 bots.

Do you prepare mentally for the matches?
–  HObbit: Mental preparation is the most important part of CS:GO, so of course I do.

– How do you deal with “tilt” or a bad mood?
–  HObbit: I always try to stay professional. Even if I'm in a bad mood, I always try to play my best, but it's not easy, though.

– How do you deal with pressure in an important match?
–  HObbit: Pressure is always there, because playing professionally is a responsibility. However, I try to focus on the game and think only about teamplay.

– Which match has been the most emotional in your career?
–  HObbit: I think the match in which we played Na’Vi at DreamHack. It was the first time we faced them, and they had just got Zeus back. It was a truly hard game, which I'll always remember.

– Would you like to see a Major tournament take place in the CIS region? In which cities?
–  HObbit: Of course I would. I've been dreaming of playing in front of our home crowd for a long time. As for the cities, I'd choose Saint Petersburg, Kyiv or Astana.

Can you become a pro if you have a 60hz monitor?
–  HObbit: You can become a pro with a bad computer; it all depends on how much you want it. That’s how I started, so if you practice a lot, everything will eventually work out.

– Which is your favorite map in Counter Strike?
–  HObbit: Mansion, if we're talking about CS 1.6, and in CS:GO, it's Mirage, because it's one of the more balanced maps.

– Which team is the most difficult to play?
 HObbit: When I played for Gambit, it was very hard to go up against North. They would always outplay us in important tournaments.

– 1.What went wrong in Gambit? 2. What would you like to change in your play? 3. What would you like to see in your new team?
–  HObbit: 1. We didn't have a proper in-game leader. 2. I want to improve my shooting, movement and be able to give info better, in English specifically. 3. I want to see harmony in the new team, and I want us to be able to deal with stressful situations. Even if we lose in an important tournament, I want everyone to be kind and treat each other well.

– Did you get offers from other teams? Why did you choose HellRaisers?
–  HObbit: Yes, I did, I even got an offer to go to America, which I had actually dreamed of, but I chose HR, because it just felt right to play for this team. The roster is really good, and I feel that the team needs me and, of course, because of the very good in-game leader.

– Which role is your favorite and which one will you play with HellRaisers?
–  HObbit: I'll be playing bondik's role until the end of this year, including all of his positions. As for my favorite role, I still don't know that, that's why I joined a team that has ANGE1, Ami_R, and Johnta, who can show me how to be as helpful to the team as possible.

– Do you think this lineup has potential?
–  HObbit: 
I believe in this roster. I joined the team because I saw how big its potential was. We can be #1 in the world, but we need to work really hard for that and sacrifice many things.

– Do you think your English is good enough to play with HellRaisers?
–  HObbit: I think my English is enough for gaming, but, of course, I need to improve it.

What do you think about the constant bash on DeadFox?
–  HObbit: He never gives up. He's a very smart player, who knows all the nades and how to support. I think that he's a great player and a strong person.

– What are your goals?
–  HObbit: They are big. There are a lot of things that I want to achieve. The most important one is to raise another Major trophy.

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