Coverage: Moche XL Esports

HellRaisers will go to Lisbon to compete for the championship in the Moche XL Esports tournament.
Coverage: Moche XL Esports



Moche XL Esports will take place in Lisbon, Portugal from June 9-10. Six teams, four invited and four from qualifiers, will battle for $50,000. The tournament will feature only one stage where two teams will start in the semi-finals, and four more will play in two quarterfinals. The format is best-of-three.

Prize pool:

1st place— $25,000 ( SK Gaming)
2nd place$15,000 ( HellRaisers)
3rd & 4th place — $4,000 ( Winstrike,  Giants)
5th & 6th place — $1,000 ( Movistar Riders,  Tempo Storm)


 HellRaisers [0:2]  SK Gaming @bo3 (17:19 @Cache, 10:16 @Overpass)
 HellRaisers [2:1]  Gianfs @bo3 (8:16 @Dust2, 19:15 @Overpass, 16:13 @Train)


 0:2     SK Gaming        
  Winstrike    2:0   SK Gaming    
         2:0   SK Gaming
  Tempo Storm    2:1   HellRaisers  
 1:2     Gianfs



 HellRaisers  SK Gaming  Tempo Storm  Winstrike







   Movistar Riders Giants Gaming  





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