Fantastic five: Gentlemen of Esports

Fans couldn't help but notice how kind these players are. They're loved and respected not only for their excellent gameplay.
Fantastic five: Gentlemen of Esports


There are many kind and humane players in esports CS:GO. We'll talk only about a few of them.


Gabriel has earned support of a huge number of fans from all over the world. He's an open and fair player who values his supporters.

Thus, the player saw an interview with a  SK Gaming fan at Danish LAN tournament. The fan wasn't afraid of the crowd, cheering for  Astralis, and said to the entire audience which team he rooted for. The people booed the fan, though  FalleN won, saw the interview and personally thanked the guy for the support, and also invited him to the finals of ESL Pro League as an official guest of  SK.


Wiktor Wojtas is a legend of professional CS. This player knows what living according to conscience means. A video below went down in esports history. The time passed, but  TaZ remains the conscience of esports CS:GO. Wiktor continues fighting for championships and doesn't forget to show young players how to behave.

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Sean Gares stood at the origins of the American esports scene. This guy has played for all well-known American organizations and continues pleasing his fans with his performance on  Misfits. Sean deserves respect of fans not only for his gameplay, but for his sports behavior.

The experienced player cheered  woxic up, who had reached the playoff of a large-scale LAN tournament for the first time. The photo got very popular and captured real emotions, and once again reminded that friendship and support in esports are what we can be proud of!

Players of  Titan, 2015

It was the third map of the Fragbite Masters Season 4 group stage. A battle of  HR &  Titan was really intense: our team turned out to be stronger on Cache (16:14), but lost Train (16:19). The decisive Dust 2, a 15:14 score, and five  HellRaisers against one  Ex6tenz. All plants were watched, and the Belgian had no hope for winning.. Or?

Something strange was happening and  Ex6tenz started killing players one by one, planted the bomb. He couldn't even suggest that  HellRaisers would face issues with their IPS at bootcamp and that the players wouldn't be able to move. The internet stopped lagging and the remaining two players of  HR tried to get to the plant in time, but  Ex6tenz took them down. Overtime started. Players of  Titan (Maniac, RpK, kennyS, Ex6TenZ, apEX) decided to leave the game and give victory to  HellRaisers. It does deserves respect.


The young Kazakh player has earned a championship at a major tournament. It wasn't easy for  HObbit to deal with fame, but he managed to remain as open, kind and fair as he was. In all his interviews, Abay thanks his fans and encourages them to pursue their dreams!

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