Two Wins & One Loss: Results of the First Day at EPL S6 LAN Finals

Our CS:GO team has ended its matches of the first day of the ESL Pro League LAN finals with seven points under its belt.
Two Wins & One Loss: Results of the First Day at EPL S6 LAN Finals

HellRaisers have played three matches within the group stage of the ESL Pro League LAN finals. The opponents have been  Luminosity Gaming,  Fnatic and  Team Liquid.

 HellRaisers [23:25]  Luminosity Gaming @Cache

Our five started the match with the Brazilian team on the CT side and didn't happen to have a good first half. The side switching took place at a 12:3 score in favor of   Luminosity Gaming. The  HellRaisers players managed to comeback in the second half, and thus we saw overtime. The Brazilian team turned out to be stronger in overtime and got a victory in the third set of additional rounds.



 HellRaisers [16:5]  Fnatic @Inferno

Our team started the game versus  Fnatic on the CT side, as well, and managed to get 11 rounds there. The Swedes earned only one points in the second half, and thus the match ended with a 16:5 score in favor of  HR.



 HellRaisers [16:4]  Team Liquid @Inferno

The battle against  Team Liquid took place on Inferno again. Our team started as the defensive side and won 11 rounds in the first half. Moreover, the American five didn't get a chance in the second half: 16:4.


 Coach of team HellRaisers.CS:GO, Ivan "Johnta"  Shevtsov's comment:

«We started the first match pretty badly. A small pause after the warm-up affected us and the guys lost the momentum we had gained during a DM practice. We didn't start well on the CT side and made a few mistakes in important situations, got into the game too late, as well.

We made a comeback on the T side, though we couldn't end the game in time. The first match was lost, but thankfully we lost it in overtime which gave us a point.

We played Inferno against Fnatic and Liquid. We do pretty well there now and we were sure that we'd be able to beat the remaining teams. Moreover, the guys were angry at themselves after the first match and were focused as much as possible.

As a result, we ended up with a good score: 7 points out of 9, we're satisfied. We're going to have two tough matches tomorrow. FaZe and Astralis are two well-known opponents and we need to set the right mood in games against them, which is what we're going to be doing today».

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