HellRaisers.CS:GO: Time for the Deciders

Our team will fight Astralis and FaZe Clan today at the ESL Pro League Season 6 LAN finals. These very matches will decide who'll make it into the playoff.
HellRaisers.CS:GO: Time for the Deciders

 HellRaisers vs  Astralis  6.12, 13:15 CET @bo1
 HellRaisers vs 
 FaZe  6.12, 14:30 CET @bo1

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, woxic, DeadFox, ISSA, standin.FejtZ
 Astralisgla1ve, Xyp9x, dupreeh, Kjaerbye, st.RUBINO
 FaZe ClanGuardiaN, olofmeister, NiKo, rain, karrigan

The ESL Pro League Season 6 LAN finals are gaining momentum! Our team showed a decent result yesterday: we lost a series of additional rounds to  Luminosity, but pulled ourselves together and destroyed  Fnatic, and then  Team Liquid. We're going to have the deciders now.

The first opponent of the second match day will be the Danes from  AstralisThe Danish team has come to the tournament without its main sniper, that is  device. Having lost the first game in overtime to the Americans from  Team Liquid Astralis then braced up and outplayed  Luminosity. The Danes now are to deal with

 FaZe Clan, and then with our five. The last time  HellRaisers and  Astralis met was at the end of October within the sixth season of ESL Pro League. The teams then ended in a draw: we won 16:10 on Overpass, but lost Mirage.

Right after the best-of-one fight with  Astralis, our players will have another decisive match. The enemy is  FaZe Clan. On the first match day,  FaZe lost an overtime game to the Swedes from  Fnatic, and then were very close to losing again, but did outplay
 Team Liquid with a 16:14 score. This meeting will be decisive for both teams, and will be an opportunity to earn essential points for reaching the playoff of the tournament. The last battle of  HellRaisers and  FaZe ended with a confident victory of our five on Cache (16:12) and Inferno (16:10), and that's what we expect to see today, too!

It's going to be hot today. Our players are ready to do their best, but it won't be possible without your support! We'll do everything we're capable of and more on such an important day to advance to the playoff!

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