"What a poorly done job". HellRaisers react to the new Dust 2

Our CS:GO players share their opinions on the updated Dust 2.
"What a poorly done job". HellRaisers react to the new Dust 2

The other day, the CS:GO developers showed a beta version of the updated Dust 2. According to the developers themselves, their work on refining the map was very important. Everyone knew that it wasn't just another map, it was an iconic match, almost a direct association with the words Counter-Strike. The coach and the players have commented on the update.

 Coach of team HellRaisers.CS:GO,  Ivan "Johnta"   Shevtsov's comment:

«The new Dust 2 is a poorly done job. They've just updated the graphics. The map's structure hasn't changed a bit, and thus it'll be boring again. It's a failure».


Loading screen of the new version

 In-game leader of team HellRaisers.CS:GO,  Kirill "ANGE1"  Karasiow:

«Well, basicallyValve haven't changed much but the textures. It both pleases and upsets. I wanted to see some new stuff and changes, but the gameplay won't change much, expect for a few nuances. However, it's also good; if there's something you shouldn't experiment with, then it's Dust 2, since this is probably the most popular location in the gaming. :)»


New T spawn. No graffiti

 Player of team HellRaisers.CS:GO,  Patrik "Zero" Žúdel:

«I feel like de_dust2 needed more than a visual refresh for it to feel fresh again, to me it kind of seems boring at the moment. But we will see how it's in practice.».


The updated Long

 Player of team HellRaisers.CS:GO,  Bence «DeadFox»  Böröcz:

«I haven't properly checked it out yet, but as I've heard from the others, nothing has changed pretty much, it will be boring, maybe there will be something new that people can find or some kind of new meta which will make it less boring, but long story short, it's kind of the same as it was before.».


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