Win a ASUS ROG Sica Mouse from HellRaisers!

Did you always want to have a device that many professionals play with? You've got a chance to earn it!
Win a ASUS ROG Sica Mouse from HellRaisers!

We are starting up an exciting contest, the winner of which will get a valuable prize — mouse for real professional ASUS ROG Sica. It's very easy to take part in this contest — you should make up a quatrain about HellRaisers. A winner will be chosen by all HellRaisers players of all disciplines. The contest will run for 14 days, so hurry up! You need to send your variants in the comments below this article.

ASUS ROG Sica is a real piece of art, made with a pen of ASUS engineers and designers. In a stylish and ergonomic rack, the back and side panels of which are decorated with patterns in the Maya civilization style, there is a well-received optical sensor by Pixart with a peak figure of 5000 DPI that will please everyone who likes playing with a high resolution. The mouse itself isn't overwhelmed with additional buttons — it's got a symmetrical design instead that will be good enough for both left-handed and right-handed people. It can also boast of its low weight and excellent balance — that's exactly what you need for long game sessions. The most demanding users will be able to fine-tune the mouse with a ROG Armory software utility.

Cheer for HellRaisers! 

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